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Shantui Construction Machinery Co Ltd Shantui was founded in 1980 Shantui is one of the top 50 manufacturers of construction equipment in the world and one of China s top 500 manufacturers Shantui s name is synonymous with bulldozers in China but today the company features the entire gamut of construction machinery from Bulldozers and Trimming dozers to Pipe Layers Motor Graders Wheel Loaders Road Rollers Landfill Compactors RoadMilling Machine Asphalt Paver Machine Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps Line Pumps Truck Mixers and Trailer Pumps It is a leading supplier of undercarriages track roller top roller sprocket idler transmissions and metal structural components At present the company has...

Categories and Products


Standard Type Dozers

Shantui 160HP SD16 Bulldozer high-power high-efficiency 80HP Dozer Shantui 130HP SD13-2 Bulldozer 130HP Shantui Bulldozer SD13S Shantui 220HP SD22 Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32 Bulldozer Shantui 420HP SD42-3 Bulldozer Shantui 900HP SD90-5 Bulldozer Shantui 160HP SD16T earth moving Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32-5 Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32-8 Bulldozer Shantui 170HP SD17 Bulldozer Shantui 588HP SD52D-5 Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32-5 Bulldozer EURO STAGE IV Shantui 320HP SD32-5(CE) Bulldozer with Cummins QSNT C345 Shantui 320HP SD32-5(CE) Bulldozer with Cummins QSG12 Shantui 520HP SD52DQ Bulldozer Shantui 420HP SD42DQ Desert Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SS32D Conveyor Belt Shifter 

Wetland Type Dozers

Shantui Wetland bulldozer SD16TL Shantui bulldozer 160HP SD16L Shantui 220HP SD22S Wetland Bulldozer 

Desert Type Dozers

Shantui New 220HP SD22D Desert Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32 Desert Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32D Desert Bulldozer 

Push Coal Type Dozers

160HP Shantui Pushing Coal Dozer SD16C Shantui 220HP SD22C Bulldozer 

Forest Logging Type Dozers

Shantui 16ton SD16F Forest Logging Bulldozer Shantui bulldozer of Forest Logging SD16TF Shantui New 200HP SD20-5 Logging Bulldozer 220HP SD22F Forest Logging Bulldozer 

Environmental Sanitation Type Dozers

Shantui 160HP New SD16R Sanitation Dozer Shantui 130HP SD13R Sanitation Bulldozer Shantui New SD16H Highlands Bulldozer Shantui 220HP SD22R Sanitation Bulldozer 

Long Track Type Dozers

Shantui 160HP SD16E Bulldozer 

Rock Type Dozers

Shantui 220HP SD22W Mining Bulldozer Shantui 230HP SD23 Bulldozer Shantui 320HP SD32W Rock Bulldozer 

Trimming Dozers

Shantui STR08E-3 Trimming Bulldozer Shantui STR13 Trimming Bulldozer Shantui STR16 Trimming Bulldozer Shantui STR11 Trimming Bulldozer Shantui STR20-5 Trimming Bulldozer 

Pipe Layers

Shantui 22T SP25Y Pipe Layer Shantui 70ton SP70Y Pipe Layer Shantui 34T SP45Y Pipe Layer Shantui 70-ton SP70DQ Pipe Layer Shantui 90-ton SP90Y Pipe Layer With Cummins QSX15 Shantui 90-ton SP90Y Pipe Layer with Cummins NTA855-C360S10 


Small Excavator

Shantui 5.28 ton Crawler Excavator Shantui Small 5.96 ton Crawler Excavator Shantui Small 7.65 ton Crawler Excavator Shantui Small 13.5 ton Crawler Excavator 

Medium Excavator

Shantui 20.8 ton Crawler Excavator Shantui 20.8 ton Medium-Sized Crawler Excavator Shantui Medium-Sized 20.5 ton Crawler Excavator Shantui Medium-Sized 24.8 ton Crawler Excavator Shantui 24.8 ton Medium-Sized Crawler Excavator 

Large Excavator

Shantui 36.8 ton Large Excavator Shantui 46.8 ton Large Excavator 

Wheel Loaders

2T Wheel Loader

Shantui 2 ton SL20WN Loader 

3T Wheel Loader

Shantui 3 ton SL30WN Wheel Loader 

5T Wheel Loader

Shantui 5 ton SL50WN-5 Wheel Loader Shantui 5 ton SL50WN-6 Wheel Loader 

6T Wheel Loader

Shantui 5 ton SL50WN wheel loader Shantui 6 ton SL60WN Wheel Loader Shantui 6 ton SL60WN-2 Wheel Loader Shantui 6 ton SL60WN-6 Wheel Loader Shantui 6 ton SL60WN-8 Wheel Loader 

Road Machinery

Road Rollers

Shantui 13 ton Drum Vibratory Road Roller Shantui 14 ton Drum Vibratory Road Roller Shantui 10 Ton Full Hydraulic Roller 12.0 Ton Full Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Roller 17 Ton Full Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Roller 18.0 Ton Full Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Roller 18.5 Ton Full Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Roller 20.0 Ton Full Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Roller 26 Ton Full Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Roller 14 Ton Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Roller 18 Ton Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Roller 20 Ton Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Roller 22 Ton Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Roller 26 Ton Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Roller Shantui 25 Ton Static Rollers 26 Ton Pneumatic Road Roller Shantui 26 ton Pneumatic Road Roller Shantui 30 ton Pneumatic Road Roller Shantui 30.0 ton Pneumatic Road Roller Shantui Pneumatic Road Roller 26 Ton 

Motor Graders

Shantui 11.6ton SG14 Motor Grader Shantui 15.4ton SG16-3 Motor Grader 6BTAA5.9-C160 Shantui 15ton SG16-3 Motor Grader QSB5.9-C160-30 Shantui 16ton SG18-3 Moto Grader Shantui 16ton SG18D-3 Motor Grader Shantui 17ton SG21-3 Motor Grader Shangchai engine Shantui 17 Ton Motor Grader 17ton Motor Grader Cummins Engine 6CTAA8.3-C215 Shantui 15.4ton SG16-3 Motor Grader EURO STAGE IIIA Shantui 16.2ton SG18-3 Motor Grader EURO STAGE IIIA Shantui 17ton SG21-3 Motor Grader EURO 

Landfill Compactors

Shantui 23.0 Ton Landfll Compactors Shantui 26.0 Ton Landfll Compactors Shantui 28.0 Ton Landfll Compactors Shantui 32.0 Ton Landfll Compactors 

RoadMilling Machine

Shantui SM200M-3 Road Milling Machine 

Asphalt Paver Machine

Shantui SRP95M Multifunctional Asphalt Concrete Paver 

Concrete Machinery

Truck-Mounted Concrete Pumps

Shantui HJC5320THB-45 Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Shantui 37m HJC5270THB-37 Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Shantui 26m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Shantui 47M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Shantui 49m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Shantui 51M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Shantui 56M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 

Line Pumps

Shantui HJC5121THB-18I Truck-Mounted Line Pump Shantui 15M Line Pump 

Truck Mixers

Shantui SDX5140GJB Concrete Truck Mixer 

Trailer Pumps

HBT6014 Concrete Pump Trailer Urbanization Series Equipment Shantui HBT8016R Trailer Pump Series Shantui HBT60 New Trailer Pump Shantui HBT6008Z Trailer Pump Shantui 72m3 Electric Trailer Pump 85m3 Trailer Trailer Pump Shantui 88m3 Electric PumpTrailer Pump 

Concrete Batching Plant

Shantui Batching Plant Series High Capacity Horizontal Feeder For Sale Sand & stone separator double horizontal shaft mixing console planetary vertical shaft concrete mixing console Skip Type Concrete Batching Plant Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant Tower type sand-making equipment Water Platform Concrete Batching Plant Concrete Batching Plant for High-speed Railway Foundation Free Concrete Batching Plant Skip Type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Belt Type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Deep Soft Soil Improvement Concrete Mixing Ship BC Series Ready-Mix Concrete Batching Plant TC Series Ready-Mix Concrete Batching Plant FC Series Ready-Mix Concrete Batching Plant Hydraulic Concrete Batching Plant 

Spare Parts

YJ355 Torque Converter 

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